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Discussion on: Let’s Develop an E-Commerce Application from Scratch Using Java and Spring

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Thanks, but I am a Software Architect & Lead - I spend no time maintaining code style across my team, whatsoever, regardless of the frameworks in use. We have automated tooling for that. We have a group chat/discussion about style issues, a consensus is reached, and we put that into the code lint monitoring.

Code style, is not, in my opinion, a reason to use (or not) any framework.

I have never seen Lombok "generate codes away from using real member variable names" - do you have any examples? The IDE plugins exist to mitigate the debugging problem that you're describing, and if you have problems with object state during constructors, your constructors sound like they're overly complex.

I'm genuinely interested to see if someone has actually encountered a problem using Lombok, that wasn't as a result of using the wrong tool (or at the wrong time).