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gl uniform

square and triangle in suits

Lately I had problem with variable in my code. Variable that I send to GLSL don't work. It turned out I forgot uniform instruction before variable type.
Of course my memory is good but short.

Tabel of functions that use uniform instructions.

uniform types functions
float gl.uniform1f gl.uniform1fv
vec2 gl.uniform2f gl.uniform2fv
vec3 gl.uniform3f gl.uniform3fv
vec4 gl.uniform4f gl.uniform4fv
int gl.uniform1i gl.uniform1iv
ivec2 gl.uniform2i gl.uniform2iv
ivec3 gl.uniform3i gl.uniform3iv
ivec4 gl.uniform4i gl.uniform4iv
sampler2D gl.uniform1i gl.uniform1iv
samplerCube gl.uniform1i gl.uniform1iv
mat2 gl.uniformMatrix2fv
mat3 gl.uniformMatrix3fv
mat4 gl.uniformMatrix4fv
bool gl.uniform1i gl.uniform1f gl.uniform1iv gl.uniform1fv
bvec2 gl.uniform2i gl.uniform2f gl.uniform2iv gl.uniform2fv
bvec3 gl.uniform3i gl.uniform3f gl.uniform3iv gl.uniform3fv
bvec4 gl.uniform4i gl.uniform4f gl.uniform4iv gl.uniform4fv

Each functions in table take handle to GLSL variable in first argument

In functions prefix i is int, f float and v is table.

gl.getUniformLocation(glsl_program, variable_name) return handle to variable in GLSL.

In WebGL handle will be represented by WebGLUniformLocation interface.

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