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Identity Community Hour - 08/27/2020

Community Hour == YOUR hour

This is the time of the week that we go over your questions, issues and challenges. We also spend some time to to review and promote content that you created. Today's stream was really fun and packed with questions and content that you sent us. You can catch up with our morning session here:

Community Shout outs

With no guest this week, we were able to focus solely on our community. Check out some of the interesting content we found around the Interwebs

Friends of Identity - Instafluff

This week we collaborated with Instafluff, a popular Twitch streamer, as he's embarking on a new project to build his own social network and wants to integrate with Azure AD B2C. You can catch his stream and see the steps necessary to integrate Azure AD B2C with his JavaScript solution.

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Come code with us

We love streaming and we usually stream live twice a week on Twitch! But what we love more is to collaborate with developers and tackle real world scenarios. As such, if you're interested to code with us, if have questions/challenges that you want us to help you with or simply a suggestion on what to stream, then we would love for you to reach out. Join us live on the 425Show :

10a - 1p eastern US time Tuesdays
11a - 12n eastern US time Thursdays for Community Hour

Be sure to send your questions to us here, on Twitter (Christos, JP) or email:!

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