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Christos Matskas for The 425 Show

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Secure your Azure apps with EazyAuth and Azure AD

This week on the 425 Show we hosted a Microsoft MVP, Jan Hajek to talk about Microsoft Identity and EazyAuth for Azure services. You can catch the stream on YouTube right now!

If you're not familiar with EazyAuth, it is an Azure Feature for PaaS services like Azure Web Apps and Azure Function Apps that allows you to quickly add authentication to your applications without the need to write any code! You can quickly configure EazyAuth in the Azure portal in a few steps to use your preferred Identity Provider and off you go. You can read more about EazyAuth in our docs here

EazyAuth advanced/new features

One of the coolest bits of today's stream was learning how to run EazyAuth locally using the App Service middleware container. That's right, you can set up your local development environment to use EazyAuth for authentication so that you, as a developer, can get a continuously consistent experience and a better inner-loop for testing your applications.

In addition, there is now a way to configure EazyAuth to use any OIDC provider and not just the predefined ones, in effect allowing you to extend the authentication experience and tailor it better to your users.

You can watch the stream to see how to work with these cutting edge features or read Jan's blog...We'll leave this to you to decide

Coming up

This Thursday, for our Community Hours, we are exciting to be joined by the Microsoft Docs team responsible for the Identity related content. This is your chance to be part of the conversation and let us know what you think about the docs, things that you like and areas that we could improve. We're here to listen. So make sure you tune in at 7am PT/2pm UTC

Next week, it's Ignite week. We have special programming and we will be broadcasting with live commentary. Join the party and let's learn together :)

Come code with us

Finally, I'm sure that by now you know that we love streaming on Twitch! But what we love more is to collaborate with developers and tackle real world scenarios - like today. As such, if you're interested to code with us, if have questions/challenges that you want us to help you with or simply a suggestion on what to stream, then we would love for you to reach out. Join us live on the 425Show :

  • Tue 10am ET/2pm UTC
  • Thu 10am ET/2pm UTC

Be sure to send your questions to us here, on Twitter (Christos, JP) or email:!

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