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An insight into Norway's recycling program

You would have thought running out of rubbish would be a blessing rather than a curse. Yet in Norway, did you know that lack of waste is becoming a major headache for the waste management business?!!
Since a 2009 ban on using plastic bottles and landfills, the country has invested in modern waste-to-energy incineration plants with enormous capacity for burning waste and creating heat energy which is fed to private houses and businesses and an alternative to use aluminium canes instead of plastic bottles.
Why is it so Important?????
In addition to its negative environmental impacts, plastic bottles have an impact on human health.

Micro plastics contamination is a stunning 93% of the total world consumption.
While Recycling plastics and promoting renewable energy also preserves the world’s natural resources, they also reduce the risk of environmental disasters or the problems associated with natural gas leaks.

With fuel diversification, through different power plants using different energy sources, it is possible to create reliable power supplies from burning waste to enhance energy security, ensuring there is enough to meet our demands
How dangerous is Microplastic consumption???
Globally-sourced bottled waters they tested at levels two times higher than those they'd previously recorded in tap water samples.
Micro plastics were also recently discovered in all three sides of the human placenta - mom, baby, and chorionic membrane and experts estimate that we are all ingesting roughly a credit’s card worth (5 grams) of plastic each week with effects on our health enormously.
Beverages packaged in aluminium cans reduce micro plastics exposure.

Aluminium cans for Plastic Bottle Recycling…
The aluminium bottle generator Vending Machine is where user empty the
plastic bottles for recycling. In this the user puts in bottle and gets credit points or an aluminium bottle.

The main functions of the machine include bottle acceptance, fill detection and alerting the authorities when the machine is fill.
Proposed system uses a monitoring technique to monitors the machine. This can help the authorities to get real time information about the machine.
The machine fill detection is based on an IR sensor placed on the machine which could be used to detect the filled level of the machine.
For interfacing the sensor with the server we use a Bluetooth module that enables serial port communication. If the level is greater than threshold value, a message is sent to authorities through GSM module.

Norwegian waste wasted in Sweden…
The market works like any other market, but the big difference is that we are not paying for the waste. The waste holder is actually paying to get rid of the waste.
Sweden is building a lot of waste incinerators, and they're now competing in the Norwegian market.

Trucks loaded with waste drive right past the Klemetsrud plant, heading for the Swedish border. Swedish incinerator plants can offer cheaper rates because many are older than their Norwegian counterparts and debt-free.

Norway forces municipalities to take their waste to the treatment plant closest to them, not the cheapest…which is okay by me, because the trash does gets recycled.
Energy generation works by producing power without having negative environmental impacts, such as the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.
And yes, Clean Energy can Reduce Global Warming…..
Humans have been using fossil fuels for over 150 years and, as their use increased, so did the release of the greenhouse gases that are produced when these fuels are burned. These greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere causing the temperature of the Earth to rise.
Thus global warming is one symptom of climate change that has seen a rise in extreme weather events, shifting wildlife habitats and populations, rising sea levels and other impacts.
Because renewable energy sources don’t emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, they do not contribute to global warming.
Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?
These renewable sources mean that climate change is not being advanced, while measures such as reforestation can help to alleviate the damage already done to the climate, combining to reduce global warming.
As mentioned above, humans have been using fossil fuels for decades, meaning that the switch to clean energy has been relatively recent.

Heat for 60,000 homes!!!!
Peering into a giant oven burning waste at between 850 and 1,000 degrees Celsius, we see how Oslo's waste-to-energy agency from the Klemetsrud incineration plant turns people's rubbish into heat for their homes in the capital.
The heat from the incineration is used to heat water, and the water is sent off to the district heating system in Oslo, and also produces electricity from the steam.
From this plant alone around 60,000 households in Oslo are provided with heat.
The level of recycling in Norway is diving, and we are burning too much waste that could have been recycled.
However, we need to campaign on behalf of our country’s waste management industry to keep rubbish as a means of energy. Not only is it better for business, but the terms ‘waste’ also means rubbish which should be recycled — like food, paper and plastics which is now burnt to keep the ovens going.
If this system is made available worldwide…mostly being applicable to drinks containers of all sizes, and available everywhere they are sold, it will make a huge difference to the plastic problem.


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I can totally understand you. My niece is a perpetual motion machine, not less. We've spent all morning playing with toys (which was already enough for me). Then we have had a long walk (about 5 miles) and visited some stores for kids. I just wanted to sleep when the evening began, but the energy emitter near me didn't let me even sit. God, where do kids get soooo much energy from? I know that due to China's green policy, the energy industry has some difficulties. I guess I know how to solve the problem. Instead of reactors, they need to place the playgrounds connected to factories.

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