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Code editor is fundamental prgramming tool. Code editor is the place where we write our scripts and programmers spend most of their time in the code editors

They are two types of code editor

  • IDE
  • lightweight editors


IDE (Integrated Developement Environment) is a powerfull editor with lot of features like autocompletion, debugger, build automation, version control system (git) and many other. It operates on a project level.

Usually IDE is heavy software, because it loads much more data on start, analyzes the project structure. So it is not recommended for system with limited resources.

Webstorm is one of the famous IDEs for web developement, it is a paid one.

For beginners, IDE is not recommended to use as code editor.

Lightweight editors

Lightweight editors are simple but fast.

They are mainly used to open and edit a file instantly.

For a extra feature like autocompletion, debugging, you may need to install extra plugins.

Lightweight Editors

The choice of an editor is individual,so choose the one you like the most.

My favourite is VSCode, I usually use it for both projects and easy file editing.

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