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4 (Quick) Azure DevOps Best Practices

Azure DevOps Team
Teams that don’t work together are getting left behind by teams that do. The successful modern development teams value agility, collaboration, and a constant eye toward the end user experience.

These best practices are the way the best DevOps teams take advantage of Azure DevOps tools. But keep in mind that there’s not necessarily a perfect Azure tool for each goal. You’ll want to think about how to best meet each of these goals with your teams, and then use the Azure tools that make the most sense based on your team’s needs and expertise.

Big Surprise - You Should Encourage DevOps Culture

DevOps Graphic
The shift to DevOps is all about fixing your broken development culture, right? So lean in to DevOps culture by encouraging collaboration and teamwork and fostering an environment of shared responsibility for everything your team produces.

Create Your DevOps Workflows

Azure DevOps is made to integrate with a ton of different tools your team may already use for every part of the development process—sharing code, getting rid of silos, testing applications, integration, deployment, and more. Choose the Azure DevOps tools for each step that address your team’s needs and take advantage of their expertise.

Employ Microservices and Containers

Getting the most out of the Microsoft stack means utilizing infrastructure as code with microservices and containers, so your team can innovate constantly. This will help keep your team agile and able to make changes to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

Automate As Much As Possible

A big advantage DevOps teams have over traditional IT teams is their use of automation. DevOps teams should automate testing, integration, deployment, and monitoring to ensure continuous delivery and consistency in results.

DevOps Is What Your Team Needs

Implementing DevOps not only makes teams more productive, more efficient, and more collaborative, but it welcomes a completely new culture into your organization—one that adds value to every member across every team.

If you can't do it out of the box there might be an extension for it

The Azure DevOps marketplace has a ton of extensions that help Azure DevOps users get more done, faster. If you are finding yourself saying 'I like this but I wish it had _____' you might want to check out the marketplace.

... but it's not one size fits all
Azure DevOps offers all the tools you need to start implementing DevOps, but it’s up to you to discover which ones will be the best fit for your teams. Start with small changes, and use each DevOps success to drive the organization forward. Chances are your team will thank you.

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