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Unit 3 Project, Adhering to Git-flow and working with UX-Designers.

_danieldev profile image Daniel Michael 👨‍💻 ・1 min read

Root is an full-stack MERN application designed to provide sustainable transportation methods to users. The first iteration will include information on the different types of transportation where users can add, delete, edit or view options and shows transportation, policies and initiatives for select cities in the US. The second iteration introduces the concept of a user login as well as mobile breakpoints throughout the site.

This project was built by a team of developers in collaboration with a UX/UI team who provided the overall concept & design of the app, wireframes and all assets.

Software Developer team : Daniel Michael, Eddie DiDonato, Allison Quiroz, Nathan Wigen.

UX Design team : Claudia Zacharias, Erica Cleary, Kendall Kessler, Toni Brown.

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