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I've been playing computer games since I was little, and had learnt to upgrade PC hardware from watching my uncle (to support my gaming hobbies, of course).

My first 'programming' experience however, was to create an alma mater website for my high school. The art club, which I am also a part of, asked me since they think I am good with computers. I said yes, even though I didn't know anything about it. My only programming experience at the time was from doing a bit of BASIC in junior high. Regardless, I took the challenge and bought several books to guide me and give me inspiration. I set up the website in GeoCities, and added some effects using Javascript code I copied from those books. My friends seemed to like it :)

I continued making websites as a hobby in University; I maintained a website for work experience and learnt ColdFusion and CFML for a capstone project. By the time I completed Uni, I decided a career in programming was the way to go (I was a business / commerce major).

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