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Discussion on: What happened to developers in France ?

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Merci !

I'm still a high schooler. I'm a C++ dev that started programming when I was 11. And I can already see the problems of the french academic system for devs

The french way of doing is the one you described. It works, you get paid, goodbye. My school section is sti2d, it is supposed to be the one made for programming and technology. And we're not learning anything about what is a compiler, what even is a program. We just are thrown in front of Arduino boards, and we have to learn the documentation by heart.

I talked to a IUT (university) programming student. First year. 3 months into the thing. He asked me for help (until here, no problem). But the code he shown me was horrible. They basically learnt C using C++. Their teacher said "Javascript and C++ are kind of the same" etc..

I can't believe it's possible to suck that much at teaching coding to people

I'm heading for a programming school in Lyon called 101. It's a clone of the Paris 42 school. It's less known, but it has an excellent method. A "non-french" way of doing.

I hope my experience can help