3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

Patrick God on October 05, 2017

Let’s be honest. You’re sick of your current job. You’re telling yourself everything will be fine, it’s just a little chaotic for only a few week... [Read Full]
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To sum it all up, quit your job if:

  1. You live for the weekends and working hours feel like torture.
  2. Your credit card bills are bigger than whatever left of your salary during the mid of the month.
  3. Your entire day sucks if you forgot your headphones/earphones at home.

while there was alot of "you are not alone" moments while reading this article, NO3 was the best one.


My reason for quitting my job is there is no productive work.. Same set of processes goes on for every task. I've already wasted a year here, and I've quit. 25th October is my last day working here. 😊


Hi Aalind, Thank you for sharing this with us. It is terrible not to be able to develop personally because you cannot be productive. And if you're waiting for too long it can be hard to have the guts to apply for another position. So, kudos to you, Sir!


I basically quit my job after working for a company for 3.6 years, my salary was low and even after working my a** out, and talking to my supervisor, I got a load of promises regarding promotion and pay hike, finally decided to to do something about it and got an offer.

Once I put my papers down I just became a rockstar, everybody wanted to talk to me, I was like where were you guys when I had approached you initially.


I agree with all the reasons to quit a job that have been discussed but I'd like to add that you should be doing all the soul-searching and trying to figure out what you want to do next BEFORE you are at that point of quitting. It is much more fun and reassuring to quit a job knowing that you will soon be starting that new job, and will continue to have a paycheck and health benefits.


Of course! Sorry if I said it wrong. You should always try to have a new position before you quit your current one. Only regarding the bullying it might be different. But even then, maybe you can take some days off and use them to focus on finding a new job.

If possible, always look for a new job while you still have another one.


Not really. ;)

I like money and I like earning it. I just think that it's a lot easier to achieve your financial goals if you do a job you like and that fulfills you most of the time.

Sounds cheesy, I know.. but it's true! ;)


Money isn't inherently capitalist. That's just a product of markets. There are several market-based economic systems :)


What would you say is a reasonable amount of time to give a position to both allow for "corrections" and allow yourself to adapt? What are your thoughts on having a resume with lots of short stints?


How short are those stints? A few weeks? Months? In my opinion you can always have valid reasons to quit. You can really have an unlucky streak and find one bad employer or team after another. As long as you can justify your job changes with complete conviction, it's perfectly okay.

However, if you find yourself losing interest in a particular project after a few months, you may want to consider switching from employee to freelancer. That way nobody will question your short stints, since it can be normal to work on several short projects.

Again, it's all about the "why".

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