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re: Hey ! I used to be a very introverted person, but then I started to build my "public image". I started to do some science and tech popularization...

Hi Pierre. Thanks for sharing. :)

May I ask, what do you mean by conferences and interviews? Did you go on stage and gave a talk? And how did you teach others about dev and other things? In person or through the web?

It's interesting to see that you got into action which in my opinion has led to much more results than just reading any theories. Although the theory can give you the pushes you need. Thanks again!

Take care,


Yes of course !

I mean that I applied for many different things (jobs, volunteer) and tried to "recruit" members for some of my project. Which leads me to have a job interview (from both sides) and exchange a lot with them.

For conferences, I did some presentation about different subjects (Privacy, Free Software, etc.) and shared ideas with the "audience".

To teach people about developement, I like to talk to them, especially through internet but I also teach some basics to a few interested people around me, in person.

Sounds great! It seems that interacting with other people is key. :)

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