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#100DaysOfCode - Committing my self

Hi Friends !

Though I am having big dreams I didn't work on myself to achieve those dreams for long days. No more excuses here after. I commit myself to program daily at least one hour for 100 days continuously apart from my daily work.

I will use this challenge to become strong in technologies that I'm gonna work like dotnet, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Angular.

I will use this challenge to become clean coder, great software architect with skills of designing software systems object oriented way, having deep knowledge about non functional features like security, logging, Exception Handling, Performance.

I will use this challenge to become great programmer/problem solver by learning Data structure/algorithm design fundamentals, learning programming paradigms, solving problems deliberately improving programming skill, learning to trade offs between memory efficiency, computing efficiency, many more.

Driving daily to your work wont make you a better driver. I read this in a blog 5 or 6 years before. I haven't used my decade long software engineering job to enrich my career with experiences. I utilize this challenge to improve my motivation, time management skill, prioritization.

My plan is

  1. Completing The Complete Guide to Angular 2 course
  2. Threading in C#
  3. Reading Stephen Cleary's Concurrency in C# Cookbook (2014) book and Parallel Processing, Concurrency, and Async Programming in .NET along with doing exercises to apply those knowledge
  4. Reading Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, 2nd Edition
  5. Complete Reading following Docs along with doing a project to apply those stuffs

    1. Create web APIs with ASP.NET Core
    2. ASP.NET Core MVC
    3. ASP.NET Core fundamentals | Microsoft Docs
    4. Host and deploy
    5. Security and identity
    6. Test, debug and troubleshoot
    7. Performance
    8. Advanced features
    9. Azure and ASP.NET Core
  6. Reading Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure

  7. Reading Execution Model | CLR Overview

  8. Reading The Art of Unit Testing with Examples in .NET (Manning 2009)

My priority is getting strong deep knowledge/skill on above areas of my interests first. Completing this challenge will not only make me a good at these dotnet technologies but also teach me how to stay motivated and managing time efficiently. I will document my progress on the challenge and also my learning.

Along with reading/following above docs/books/course, I will do a project which emphasize on object oriented design with guideline principles like DRY, SOLID. I have read enough to know those principles this is the ground to play with it. These projects will be deployed and publicly available also. I will try to make applications which can be helpful for others who are using it really.

I say myself Bon voyage

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