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Zenity Command in LINUX

If you want to print something as a pop-up on your screen or you can call it as GUI (graphical user interface) we have a lot of dialog boxes .
GTK is a graphical tool in Linux like qGUI .


zenity --version
man zenity
q to quit
Alt Text
Alt Text
zenity --calender
Alt Text
zenity --entry : to take input from the user
Alt Text

To see manual we have 2 options

  1. man zenity
  2. zenity --help

In zenity whatever you type should be stored somewhere.

  1. zenity --entry now ,lets store the data

eg . x=zenity --entry
this is a wrong way to store the data

Correct way :
x=$(zenity --entry)
(💡: No space before and after equal in shell scripting)
echo $x

Alt Text
Alt Text

zenity --info
Alt Text
zenity --info --text="Hey Aakriti this side"
Alt Text

For more commands you can explore with the help of zenity manual .

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