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Discussion on: Picking a Frontend Framework as a Beginner

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Aaron Reese

My vote out if the big three is Vue, but V2.6 rather than the new V3 composition API. The first benefit is it's progressive nature: you can call it from a CDN and don't need a build script if you keep all of the code in a single file. I think putting JavaScript code constructs (if, for) and event handlers into the HTML is more intuitive than injecting html into JavaScript functions as you do in React. The only thing that gets complicated in Vue as a beginner is passing data and events up and down the component tree and you will soon find yourself reaching for vuex or the event-bus pattern. I have not tried svelte.

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Christian Kozalla Author

Thank you, Aaron for your reply! You have a valid point there, Vue feels more intuitive if you're already familiar with HTML and start using directives in Vue. My point is: I would have started with Vue, if I'd heard about it before. Only thing I knew was the hype around React. So I picked React, first...