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Discussion on: I need the guidance for web development

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Aaron Reese

I would challenge WHY you want to be full stack. You will never have learned all of HTML, CSS and JS; the ecosystem is still changing so fast that keeping up to date on Front end Dev is a full time job. Middleware and data storage are boring to many people (not me) so if you love the design side I would concentrate on that. CSS preprocessing like SASS and LESS, CSS libraries like Tailwind, Bootstrap 5 and Materialize, JS frameworks like Vue (my preference) React, Angular, Svelte. Static site generators like Vite, gridsome, cross platform tooling like Ionic, React native or Quasar, code deployment tools like GitHub, Octopus deploy, design prototyping tools like Figma.

You need to decide what sort of development you want to do. There is a world of difference between building a promotional site for an enterprise as part of an agency, to building a product for a SaSS startup to designing internal apps for an established business who's main focus is NOT technology.