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Discussion on: What Not to Do as a Programmer - My List After 2 Years of Working In Teams

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Aaron Reese

I would take it one step further. You want people who can code. How to think through a problem logically and then execute in the language/framework of choice. What happens to those JavaScript Devs when we all switch to web assembly and blazor

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Adam Crockett

Like me, I would hope that they would have spent some time working with WASM, which is still very much a symotic relationship with JavaScript, which is still required, I know because I wrote a Lua to JavaScript interop framework.
Besides WASM at the moment is very much an MVP, I highly doubt there will be a mass extinction event for JavaScript for atleast another 10+ years.

I do agree however, "I am developer" is a very positive mindset and desirable.

Out of interest why did you pick Blazor for an example?

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Haseeb Author

Well, that's what the point is. Don't define yourself with a language/framework. If we switch to web assembly and blazor today all good devs would switch to it eventually without advocating for 'React' only

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Adam Crockett • Edited on

Enter react C# equivalent. If only WASM had true direct access to the DOM, but it must go through JavaScript.