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Discussion on: I noticed being a contractor earn 40% to 50% less, and no 401K, no ESPP, no insurances, no vacations

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Aaron Reese

I wonder if this is a SV phenonomen. In my markets, contractors are specialists with skills not needed on a permanent basis. In SV, I expect the top skill levels are actually business as usual requirements and the contractor market is more aligned to commodity work to release the perms to do the high-value work. The question then is how to make the leap from generalist to specialist to land a perm role

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sunflowerseed Author • Edited on

I think sometimes, it is true. Sometimes, it is the contractor rolling the boat, while the FTE merely "look at the code" and not have to do that much. I also have seen the manager's friends in past company being hired as FTE. Some of them went to 3rd or 4th rated university. And then, the programmers who are non-friend, but went to 1st or 2nd rated university, became contractors. Sometimes it happens because the programmer wanted to work at one of the big companies such as Google or Apple, but the resume just sunk like a rock in the ocean, but an agency contacted them to be able to work in them, so they take the job even knowing it seems a lower pay.