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Great post! I’ve been learning Go over the past year and my team at work recently adopted it (moving away from PHP/symfony for the majority of our backend work).


Nice! I'd love to hear how that pans out. Talking about the transition would make a great article. Not only the positives of switching but also the heartaches and friction points. Thanks for reading!


Yeah, I've never really been one to write posts but I keep seeing it suggested as a way to grow as a developer.

I have a draft here that I will probably post in the next day or so. I'll definitely continue to look for opportunities to post.

Neither have I, until recently. I'll be the first to admit that I am not an expert, but sometimes the student is a better teacher. I absolutely advocate for blogging and technical topics, because it has made me better every time. Even if I've already been programming in the language, I learn so many little things that get incredibly under-utilized because you just forgot that they existed.

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