A Journey to Tech!

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How you get into tech? by force, suggested by someone else or accidentally by yourself?

Okay, it’s not a problem. Whatever the reason is, you are in tech that means you have to do something new, innovative. Tech is another big thing which changes our day to day life. Try to solve a problem by working on something new or extending existing ones.

Let’s discuss mine!

In the first practical of programming was writing a program for printing “Hello World”, I wrote a code with the help of the teacher. After getting output I asked my teacher why we have to write such lines of code just for printing hello world. And the teacher explained it to me. These kind of questions comes every time in my mind everytime. In the whole class everyone gets different errors, I get different errors! - Now the question is how? So, the reason behind this was a line of codes which I deleted from the program code. Same things happened with me for getting ideas. At the time of schooling we all write different types programs based on given problem. So, I thought where I can apply these things? - By comparing the applications/websites I used and programmed, I got an idea for an application to develop for solving a real life problem and the journey begins..!!

So, if you are in tech then it’s a blessing. You have a whole world in your hand. Go and change it. The more you solve problems the more you become great. Work continuously and enjoy.

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