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Discussion on: Pitch me on Java

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Java is pretty much a 34 rule of programming. If some problem exists, there is a Java solution for that.

This is so true, it made my day. 🤣

There have been many times, when I was working on PHP, or Node, I was stuck and closest thing I found was a java solution. It is easier to understand because of its verbosity, and convert that solution to whatever stack I am working on.

Most recently, I was working on a Golang project, and was stuck trying to refactor a very large module. I found an article on DZone about a similar example, I printed out the code, and implemented the structures based on that. Now my teammates are piggybacking on the improved package I wrote.
Funny thing is that this is the first time I am working with Golang, in a job. I have just learned Golang last year, and basically made a few contributions on various oss project on github. But my team is very happy to work with me, all because of Java.