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When we see your game making career during creation a game from where you get the about to make new games ?? Is by survey like you see the review and then start thinking "yeah this could make my game more better and efficient" ?? Or by any other methods.

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Adrian B.G. Ask Me Anything

Is by survey like you see the review

If you want to make any software or SASS better you never listen to the reviews and surveys. You monitor everything (analytics) and take data-event-driven decisions. The actions of ALL your users are more important than what a hand of people says.

Humans do now take the time to send good reviews, in any industry, you will only see the bad ones and concentrate on the wrong things.

Reviews have many pitfalls, but the biggest one is that combining passion (which is irrational) with free stuff will get complaints from 1% of the user base that are highly irrelevant.

And for new games and ideas you will have to test, read about Lean Development!