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DevOps in March: Everything #devs need to be aware of.

Working on "AI on Steroids"
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As the world went into lockdown, things have gone real tough for the devops engineers out there.

Excessive loads on data networks led companies to take desperate measures.

Rightly so, people seemed to be glued with their screens. Not that they're not glued otherwise.

The fact that meetings they stopped using their phones in are not happening, however, has added the extra dimension of loads.

This led Netflix to announce that they will be trying and work with their delivery teams to lower the usage by 25% without affecting the quality. Read more:

Amid this chaos, teams yet to adopt DevOps have sure understood how wrong they have been. It's important for everyone to understand the impact of this delivery methodology.

Popular for its usage by developers building AI applications, Azure too went for prioritized resource allocation. Considering the gravity of the situation on a global level, it's hard not to appreciate this.

Having said that, creating a great set of tools and frameworks for AI developers has always been a priority for Azure and other cloud computing moguls. Read more:

In other news, AWS has finally launched a new low-cost HDD storage option to Amazon FSx to Windows FileServer. Now, that's some news to jump on. Whether you need to manage a content management system or database at a departmental store, this HDD option will be ideal for all. Excited to see how things work out with this one.

That's all for this week's roundup. Be sure to check out next month's roundup.

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