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Discussion on: Do you code on weekends?

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Abhishek Tripathi • Edited

I think "coding" is an incorrect way to define a developer. I don't think "coding" is something a seasoned developer would look after for. The correct word is "development". It involves researching the subject and learning about it, and occasionally, translate it into code. I think "learning" is the way of life of a developer which never ceases to stop. We "developers" continue to learn and improve ourselves and it does require effort outside of office hours as well because it is not just what we are paid for but a pursuit of knowledge and improvement.

Edit: rephrased with an appropriate opening statement to clarify the intent.

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Johnny Meza


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zer0 • Edited

Well now we donโ€™t know what this is pointing to /s

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Richard Ikin

'Developer', or 'Software Engineer' ?

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Christopher Miles • Edited

The terms "coder" and "coding" are a bit anachronistic, I don't think many people have those kinds of roles anymore. When I first entered the field, coders would take pretty detailed psuedo-code and then implement it, often in COBOL or RPG. Today, even junior level people tend to have more freedom of movement, often they start out on fixing bugs.

Personally, I think if "coder" being another word for "developer". ๐Ÿ˜‰