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Why should you send “thank you email” and “follow up email”?

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Supposedly you had an interview and you feel that you did alright but you actually want to stand out from the regular job seekers. What do you do?

You send them two emails to make yourself memorable!

Hi, I am Luc, a frontend developer in his 40’s. If this is the first time you “bump” into my content, I am pleased you are here.

Why should you send “thank you email” and “follow up email”?

Finding a job regularly takes time, effort, and sometimes months of researches and applying. Sometimes the main job-seeking requires skills and techniques to actually find the job.

This week I thought I will give you a hand on how to stand out from the crowd when it comes to job seeking.

Since not many people send thank you emails this is an opportunity for you as a job seeker to improve your quality and being seen by the recruiter.

So let’s begin.

The “Thank you” email should be sent within 6-8 hours after the actual interview. As the recruiter still has you in his mind, your name has a face. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it will respond to you, but don’t worry I have you covered, we have the second opportunity.

The “Follow up” email. This second email I recommend you’ll send ten days after the interview. The best will be if the days are business days. This way you make sure you will be remembered for the right reason.

What to write?

Not all of us are inspired and prepared to write this kind of email. So, I made a research and create one template of each. They are short and concise as we want to thank the recruiters.

Below there are two templates that hopefully you’ll find them fit for your needs.

Thank you email:

“Dear (Interviewer), Thank you very much for taking the time to see me today. I enjoyed our conversation and I am very interested in the role.
(Add 2-3 lines reminding them about something positive in the interview or something that you wish you had mentioned).

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.”_

Follow up email:

(Subject line) Your name, date/time Interview.
“Dear (Interviewer), I hope this finds you well. Since I am still very interested in this role, I was wondering whether you have any feedback for me at this time, please?”

As an ending note, I would advise you to don’t badger recruiters and hiring managers.

You want to be memorable for the right reasons, not as a stalker!

Thank you for your time and good luck in finding your best job. 🤞
Thank you for reading. If you want to connect with me on Twitter I am here.

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