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Discussion on: How we got rid of cookie consent banners and why

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aclarembeau Author • Edited

Thanks a lot for the comment :)

Of course, I wanted to be intentionally a bit provocative here, but you're right, this mostly applies when you build for yourself, and, if you don't have specific marketing requirements (which doesn't hold anymore in agencies). Third-party cookies still have a place, but I really love your sentence: "no third party cookies should be the default approach". That's really what I wanted to share here.

The same goes for the Google Analytics trick: we should not shift cookies to local storage, then, local storage to fingerprinting, then using some obscure privacy-invasive solution (who said FLOC) to track users. My intent is mainly to show that you don't need cookies to be able to perform analytics. You don't need user consent to analyze your HTTP logs to measure the amount of traffic by user referrer. That's basically what a google analytics without third party becomes (and, as it's anonymous, it's not really tracking).