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I’m not entirely sure how OOP languages handle testing private functions but it’s a similar problem.

You generally don't because it is considered bad practice. Tests should not be coupled with implementation details.


Eh, I don't entirely agree though I do realize it's important to draw the line somewhere so I guess that's where it's at.


What's your opinion and/or experience on the subject? 🙂 Why don't you agree? 🤔

I guess, I'm a fan of low-level logic testing. ie. testing the nitty gritty implementation details as well as the high-level logic. But I think that has to do with programming style.

I'm generally a fan of building very small light-weight libraries/bags of functions that build on each other and I generally love testing from the ground up based on that. Eg. functions -> internal library -> business logic -> actual API

For example, at my job, we built our internal API in Elixir and it has a fairly high test coverage but what's interesting is the "levels" of abstractions at which we test:

  1. API Http level - tests generally hit the API endpoint and make sure the result is as expected
  2. API level - tests generally call controllers/helpers themselves
  3. application level - tests call various piece of business logic and their helpers
  4. model/query level - tests call model logic and queries against DB

Generally speaking, the only functions that are ever "private" tend to be wrappers that call another helper/model/query/etc. that already have test coverage.

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