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re: It looks like H1B season for 2019 will probably start around April. My best advice (and this is not based on personal experience) would be to lurk...

Thanks for further advice. Do you mean that I should check forums with Indian devs and get useful information from it?
I didn't know Indian devs provide such advice.
I will check Indian devs forum! Thank you.

I know there are many developers out there who come to America and work. I am certain they talk about it on the internet, and there is not reason not to see if there are any watering holes where people in similar situations hang out. There's probably gigs and gigs of good advice

Yeah I will check the watering holes more!
I thought only the special people (like genius engineer who started to code when he/she was 5 years old) can work there. Now I feel it depends on how much I make effort.


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