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re: I'm glad you liked my advice. Regarding your comment about new technologies always coming from the US, that is totally not true. Let's start with ...

It seems that I had a bias about technologies.

I searched who created webpack then found a German engineer did. Also a Chinese engineer created Vue.js(Though he had worked in America).
Definitely there are a lot of great engineers in the world not only in America in terms of individual.
Regarding to business market scale and investment for technologies, Chinese company must be a big player already.

I am wondering about my career... to be a good engineer.
Thank you for telling me your opinion with various aspects about career.

Any time. I really think you can really advance your career outside the US. It might even be better to do that first and then try to move there. Applying for an H1B visa is easier if you already have a Master’s degree. You get put on a different list, and there is a higher priority for applicants with higher education.

Yeah, actually I don't have Master's degree so it will be hard to get a visa.
I will start to get Master's degree in Computer Science.

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