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re: Nice! However I don't think I'll use this approach myself since sometimes, when applying for different jobs, you might want to send out different v...

Thank you for your comment, shairay.

When applying for different jobs, you might want to send out different versions of your cv, emphasizing different skills

Yeah, we exactly should do this.
Personally I have never created different versions for different jobs (so I failed to get a job, haha), your opinion bring me other point of view.
Maybe we can create different branches or tags on Git and manage multiple versions for jobs we apply. Basic information would not change so much, and we can update master branch and merge to each branches if some breaking change happened. Thus I think this approach also works in this way :)

I wouldn't necessarily want all of this to be public ...

I know how you feel. We should not make our personal information public. In that case private repository may work, but you do not have to do this paying additional cost!


What I meant is that the rationale of "personalizing" your cv per application also means that you might not be interested in the company you are applying to seeing exactly what changes you made.
Remember, this is your information, and you should exercise care in what you reveal and to whom!

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