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Discussion on: Why I haven't committed to React (yet)

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Adam Crockett Author

You are correct, but this wasn't always the case, kind of, it isn't the lit I talked about anyway.

lit-html was in the past, the templating engine for lit-element, the latter being a offshoot of polymer... sigh they must have gone fully polymer, talk about flogging a dead horse 🐎.. anyway the lit-element part is still available, but by this point I had looked into other very similar ahem original engines, I can't remember the names of those but lit must have been pretty damn inspired by them 😳☺️😂

LIT joins Angular for most confusing project management decisions.

There are better ways to make web components here are 3.

  • Stencil
  • Svelte
  • Hybrids.js
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Mat Jones

I’ve looked at Stencil but haven’t used it. Svelte I’ve done a basic sort of “hello world” Progressive Web App demo, it’s quite nice.