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Discussion on: Towards zero bugs

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Adam Crockett

Imagine bug free code, how would we improve that? If I change your checklist to include screen readers in multiple languages, would I have just created more bugs? It's a moving target, great to aim for but imperfection is reality.

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Jonathan Author

Yes! Someone referred to accessibility! It is certainly critical, as you mentioned, for those who rely on screen-readers and other assistive technology to be able to access and use applications.

I have added a short section on accessibility, but as a mere paragraph wouldn't do the topic justice, I will publish a separate blog post on the topic and/or reference the best sources I can find.

Agreed that imperfection is the default state, and we often can't cover all bases. I think that as we push forward and aiming higher, for more reliable and bug-free code, we will build up tools and expertise for dealing with a large number of concerns, including accessibility, efficiently and effectively.

Update: I have added a section on 'Accessibility'. Great idea – so thumbs up to you. 👍