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re: Adobe Experience Manager: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly VIEW POST


In my entire career, I have never disliked a piece of software as much as this CMS, its so incredibly unfriendly to developers and was the bane of my existence for 2.5 years. I know the ins and outs of this proprietary piece of ... and I am so glad I will never have to work with it again. But what I do appreciate is the jackrabbit filesystem. Because AEM is a series of cobled together technologies berly coherent. That is my opinion don't at me haha, I'm just saying good bye. (I have a new job)


Yes, Experience Manager is a complicated piece of software to learn. After talking with multiple developers who use it, I've found that only a select few really enjoy AEM. What is your preferred software to use?

Thanks for the comment!


Let's see, I like headless cms's like contentful and graph CMS. It's a different paradigm.


I think this software appeals to companies that don't care about thier developers, I'm not talking about small companies ether this thing is needlessly expensive in a time that CMS's are free and analysis is free and reselling aws is unbelievable but Adobe gets away with it. I could go on.

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