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Death by complexity and other misconceptions

You don't understand complexity. Complexity understands you, then it finds your weak spots and goes straight for the jugular.

The thing that I find often, is I can't understand things. I think maybe the problem presented to me is too large and so I might break it down. We do the same for our computers, any programming language is a simplified series of questions for our computers to understand. So why should code be complex for us to understand as well, who does that benifit?

Arrogant 20 year old me would say stupid things like, "well maybe you don't know the language as well as I do, it's not my problem if your a junior, go and learn more". 30 year old me feels great shame in my attitude, I feel like I was obsessed with making fancy complex solutions because clever is somehow better. It's so much worse, if you have no team then sure, write whatever but don't expect to understand it months later, if you do have a team, everyone should be talking with effective communication, since programmers tend to talk in code, perhaps code should be simple by default.

The hardest thing in programming

Naming things is hard in code, I think it's worse for somebody like me, I want my code to have a certain appeal. So why call a function by what it does, why not cut alot if the details away and stick Manager on the end leaving it open to interpretation. 😅 Okay there are some habits that die hard, but lately I'm taking names extremely seriously, naming things should not be hard, actually it isn't, just ask, what does it do? Then don't be scared of long names, short names don't make you smarter, the introduce another meta puzzle to solve, so more comments are needed and more noise.

Did I ever really reuse my code?

You see, I used to live firmly in camp generic where functions must ALL be generic and reusable. But actually that just sounds wonderful, 2 / 10 times have I ever truly reused some code, I tend to do rewrites and study my own functions because iteration is improvement, copying is staying still.


Your both wrong, the answer is choice! I choose state machines then maybe next week it's something imperitive then the next I like declarative. Am I supposed to feel bad for being so middle of the road?

The latest library

Sooner or later you will become not young, and keeping up with tech becomes the buzz words of recruitment as we all join software houses that still use tried and true technology that isn't new. Fads come and go, find stuff you like then run with that, don't be afraid to look back at the 1970s theres a lot to know. (I wasn't born)

Respect your elders


Thank you I have no point.

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