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Discussion on: Watch for Vuex State changes!

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Adam Beguelin

Yes, you're correct. user is in the store and I'm trying to get data from Firestore when user changes. But this.$ never gets invoked. If I console.log it in mounted it's null. But when I console.log it in beforeUpdate it's set. Yet, this.$ is never called.

If I use the normal watcher on user it gets invoked, but the values don't seem to be there. I can log them and they are undefined. Perhaps this is because user is a Vuex computed property. I tried deep: true but then the (non-store) watcher is invoked twice, neither time with the data I need.

Any idea why the watcher isn't being called even through user is obviously changing?

Thanks for your help!

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Vinicius Kiatkoski Neves Author

Hey Adam, to help our discussion I've created this Codesandbox:

Please check store.js and App.vue. I've tried to create a fetch logic (full user and just username). Please mind the comments and play with comment/uncomment the deep and immediate options.
Also mind the first warning here once you hit the Fetch new username button.