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Discussion on: What's your favorite tool or library that few others have heard of?

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Adam Brandizzi

I don't use anything really obscure but here is a bunch of tools that are not that known. (Most are for Linux, but I believe their features are universally useful)

  • clipit - a clipboard manager. Everyone needs one.

  • screen - a terminal multiplexer. Many people prefer tmux, but the important thing is the concept. It is like having tons of open terminals but without the tons of windows and no risk of killing processes by closing the window. I also scripted it to set up environment variables when starting different profiles. Quite useful!

  • GreaseMonkey, to run whatever JS I need to run automatically on any page. It used to be way more popular, I believe it deserve more attention!

  • NoScript to prevent JavaScript on my browser. A lot of JS running out there is totally unnecessary. NoScript can be annoying but is deeply instructive and helpful to save performance and ensure security.

  • The Silver Searcher - I rarely user grep (or ack!) those days in the interactive terminal.