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Adam Durrant

Hi aymen,

I have a site that has awful hreflang markup.

The biggest dilemma I have is that we are a UK charity but have multiple variants for no reason.

We use directories and have:

/En/ for global
/En-gb/ for UK
/ Not marked up

Google pushes majority of our traffic into /en/ and very little into the other two.

In my mind we don't need an en-gb and / should be used as global and UK.

I'm really not sure what to do other than to get rid of /en-gb/ and 301 redirect all / into /en/

Feel free to have a look -

There are a lot of other issues so gloss over those for the moment 😂

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Aymen Loukil Ask Me Anything

Hi adam,

First you should understand why do these versions exist. What were the motivations ?
May be the strategy changed since ?
If you don't need these variations, try to consolidate and have global version per language. OFC should see the overall picture (business, audiences, services per audience etc) to define the best i18n / localization strategy for SEO.

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