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Discussion on: You can create these elements without JavaScript

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Adam Durrant • Edited

Nice Adrian, I preach this a lot, I've had plenty of SEO success from reducing on-page JavaScript as Google isn't good at reading it 👌

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Adrian Bece Author

Thank you! Glad you found it helpful

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Rasmus Schultz

Why would on-page JS affect SEO? As long as the content is on the page (with proper semantics) it should be visible to search engines?

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Anthony Diaz

On-Page JS tends to slow the site down, and speed IS a huge ranking factor (Note that even small amounts of JS can add up to a huge amount of work, especially with DOM mutations since they cannot be pre-composed). That is not to say all JS is bad, but there are plenty of cases where your JS is hurting your ability for your site to perform adequately.