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uShowcase - Umbraco Photo Gallery

So today I've released my first Umbraco project, a simple and easily modifiable photo gallery starter kit.

I'm planning on making a few gallery websites; one for myself and a few for some photographers I know. I thought the best thing to do is create a starter kit for myself, and naturally, release it into the wild.

I'll post an excerpt from the project description (which, if I might add, is terribly difficult to format using the Umbraco website).

uShowcase - Umbraco Photo Gallery


uShowcase is a photo gallery for Umbraco.

It comes with a very simple template which is easily modifiable but also usable right away.


  • Multiple galleries
  • Rich text page documents
  • Super easy to modify template

Using uShowcase

Using uShowcase: Under home, there is a Galleries page. This will not show up in the navigation. Create Gallery pages inside Galleries, and inside the Gallery pages, create Photo pages. The template uses bootstrap but the uShowcase photo grid system doesn't, so you don't have to have Bootstrap.


Requires ImageGen version 2.5.7 to run:

Version 1.0.1 has only been tested with Umbraco v6.0.3 - so bear that in mind.

Umbraco Project:

GitHub Repository:

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