Effective Database Design: Part 1

Adam McNeilly on December 03, 2018

Databases, while something I don't work with every day, have always been an interest of mine. I used to spend a lot of time on the StackOverflow ... [Read Full]
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Great article, I can't wait for the next post. I am already familiar with RDBMS. Perhaps you can post relationships, PK and FK, and 1F to 3F(4F and above are for advance).


Thanks! The next posts are going to cover 1NF to 3NF. I'll post one each day this week.

I didn't plan a post specifically on relationships and keys, but maybe I'll isolate those after these are done. :)


Don't you think relationships are the main reason why Normalization exist? To connect those normalized table.

Sure, and relationships are mentioned in the later posts, they're just not the primary focus.

If at the end of the series you think there's additional ground to cover, let me know, I'd be happy to keep it going.

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