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Hugo Romano
Hugo Romano

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IPFS:🦠Pandemic resilient infrastructure

This is a unique moment for Humanity, that will touch everyone. "Shoulder to shoulder" (social distanced) we will support each other.

Remote working is now mandatory for many nations and #StayAtHome 🏠 is the most important strategy against SARS-CoV-2, flattening the curve of CoViD-19 cases, but this move will stress the Internet infrastructure.


One thing we can do about this is to use IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System) and other distributed filesystems to store and safeguard relevant public health literature, e.g. situation reports, guidelines, scientific papers. In the case of network intermittence, we will all have this data available.

Here are some examples:

World Health Organization CoViD-19 Situation Reports

WHO Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak

Portugal CoViD-19 Situation Reports

It doesn't stop here, your creativity will find more use cases.

Set up your node, get started today.

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