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Hi, Roberto. Thanks for this. I have a small question

We are using splash screens in our apps to load background data. Now, often depending upon how fast is the user's internet, those items can take an awful long time so it often feels like the app is stuck on splash. We've shown a progress dialog to avoid this confusion.

What do you think about a progress dialog on splash?


Is the data you are loading critical to the functioning of your app ?


I think that as long as your providing a visual feedback that something is going on, you are doing things right. However, in my personal point of view, I prefer the "facebook" loading design (goo.gl/images/h29Bve) rather than a progress bar. But then it all depend on your use case :)


Hi Adeel, I think a progress dialog may be a good thing, especially if the loading it's taking to long.

My approach would be to show the animated splash screen while loading data, after the animation ends, if the connection is slow and the data has not finished loading yet, then show a progress indicator to let know the user the app is still loading.

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