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Adeleye Ayodeji
Adeleye Ayodeji

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Enhance your content editor with a rich and responsive format.

smarteditor adeleyeayodeji

Smart Editor is a simple and easy to use Javascript execCommand() based editor with Server Side PHP Technologies.

Live Demo:

This is complete solution for getting HTML input from users using a form, when you do your website contact form or any web based HTML Page.

smarteditor adeleyeayodeji


  • File Uploader and Link those uploaded files as download links (PHP)

  • Fond Selector, Formating Selecting, Font size selecting and Font and Background Color Selector

  • Image Uploader and Insert with Actual Image Cropping for uploaded image as per selected Images Size (PHP)

  • Image Height, Width and Floating

  • Table Insert

  • Link Insert with Target and Direct Connection to Uploaded Files to connect them as downloadable links

  • Print and Full Screen

smarteditor adeleyeayodeji

Live Demo:

Smart Editor script most like Gmail Email Composer and blogger composer. Using this you can easily input HTML input, WYSIWYG Editor or Code Editor and post data to your server side script. Technically this is for execCommand WYSIWYG Editor with Few Server Side technologies like image uploading.


Happy Coding 😎🤩

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