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Very nice post! As someone who is going through this journey, I identify with your point!

I feel like articles that say they studied 6 weeks in some site and landed a job don't take into consideration some important factors such as how many extra hours were put there, what type of networking (and privileges) you had/had to have for landing that first job.

When you are struggling for the first job and you see a lot of posts that don't show how hard it actually was or you see someone who was already in the business and got it easier, it can make people quit or doubt themselves.


Thank you Gabrielle, I appreciate your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the article :)

I understand where you're coming from. It can get really frustrating, especially for people starting out because those types of articles can sometimes do more harm than good. Hopefully, people will start to realize the full struggle of becoming a developer and not feel as though they are alone in the journey, no matter how long or difficult it may be.

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