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Hands on with PHP7.4

As most of us already know, PHP7.4 became production ready few days back. It comes with some cool features like:

  • Short Arrow Functions
  • Spread Operator for Arrays
  • Typed Properties
  • Opcache Preloading

... and much more! We can't thank the team behind PHP enough!

If you are a PHP developer or PHP enthusiast you must be excited already to get hands on with PHP7.4.

If you want to give it a try with ease - the docker way, then I have created a docker image with not just PHP7.4 but tons of common and useful PHP extensions. Check it out.

TLDR: docker pull adhocore/phpfpm:7.4

GitHub logo adhocore / docker-phpfpm

Docker PHP FPM on alpine 3.15 with PHP7.4.32 with 87 extensions and PHP8.0.24/PHP8.1.11 with 85 useful extensions (you can disable not necessary ones easily)


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Docker PHP FPM with lean alpine base. The download size is just about ~150MB.

It contains PHP8.1.11 and PHP8.0.24 with plenty of common and useful extensions.

You can also continue using adhocore/phpfpm:7.4 for PHP7.4.30.

If you are looking for a complete local development stack then check adhocore/lemp.

It comes prepackaged with composer - both v1 and v2 Use composer2 command for v2 and composer for v1.


To pull latest image:

docker pull adhocore/phpfpm:8.0

# or for alpine 3.13
docker pull adhocore/phpfpm:8.0-alp3.13

# or for php 7.4
docker pull adhocore/phpfpm:7.4

# or for php 7.4 on alpine 3.13
docker pull adhocore/phpfpm:7.4-alp3.13
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To use in docker-compose

# ./docker-compose.yml
version: '3'

    image: adhocore/phpfpm:8.0
    container_name: phpfpm
      - ./path/to/your/app:/var/www/html
      # Here you can also volume php ini settings
      # - /path/to/zz-overrides:/usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/zz-overrides.ini
      - 9000:9000
      # ...
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If you want a full docker based LEMP stack with PHP7.4, then I have got you covered as well.

TLDR: Run docker run -p 8080:80 -v $(pwd):/var/www/html --name lemp -d adhocore/lemp:7.4 then visit localhost:8080. There you have dockerized LEMP stack with PHP7.4.

GitHub logo adhocore / docker-lemp

A single container LEMP complete fullstack with latest release of PHP7.4.30, 8.0.24 & 8.1.11 and MySQL, nginx, PostgreSQL, phalcon, swoole, mailcatcher, beanstalkd, elasticsearch, memcached, redis, adminer and all you ever need; on top alpine3.15


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Do not use this LEMP in Production For production, use adhocore/phpfpm then compose a stack using individual nginx, redis, mysql etc images.

adhocore/lemp is a minimal single container LEMP full stack for local development.

If you want to use PHP7.4 on LEMP stack then head over to adhocore/lemp:7.4.

It is quick jumpstart for onboarding you into docker based development The download size is just about ~360MB which is tiny considering how much tools and stuffs it contains.

The docker container adhocore/lemp is composed of:

Name Version Port
adminer 4.8.1 80
alpine 3.15 -
beanstalkd 1.11 11300
elasticsearch* 6.4.3 9200,9300
mailcatcher 0.7.1 88
memcached 1.6.6 11211
MySQL** 5.7 3306
nginx 1.18.0 80
phalcon 4.0.0 -
PHP8.1 8.1.11 9000
PHP8.0 8.0.24 9000
PHP7.4 7.4.30 9000
PostgreSQL 12.6 5432
rabbitmq 3.8.* 5672
redis 5.0.11 6379
swoole 4.5.9 -

*: Latest versions of alpine (3.13+) seems to…

Oh and both the images are built on top alpine base so should be slimmer.

Further reading

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