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Aditya Varma
Aditya Varma

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Aditya Varma, Launched Site

I finally got around to create my own github page. Using the wonderful tutorial provided by Jonathan McGlone link

Neat thing about it - powered by Jekyll and I can use Markdown to author my posts. It actually is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Any one out there looking to create their own github page can find use this link to get things started. This is the easiest resource I have found on the web to get things started.

I have even set up an rss feed here I am not even sure what that is. Need to go through the docs. Please comment if you know any good resources about this.

I set up my rss feed to publish directly to

I can simply blog on my github page and it will automatically be saved as draft here in just waiting for me to mark publish as true! It is only possible if you have set your rss feed option under settings, publishing from rss option.

Source link

Now I can wait to set up the hacker theme for jekyll!

Cheers. Thanks for reading.

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