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Discussion: How much do you learn about a technology before you apply it?

My case: I decided to use Redis for a simple in-memory store of job requests. I spend only a few hours to read about Redis data structures and functions, then directly went to coding with Node.JS and a Redis client lib.

My approach seems to be "learn just enough to use it".

How are you approaching new technologies? Do you jump in like me? Do you read the documentation carefully? Do you work through tutorials?

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Glenn • Edited

If I've already decided on the technology, then I pretty much do what you do while trying to look for examples of it in use beyond the ones given in the docs. For me, I spend a lot more time researching the available libraries/technologies before hand that solve the problem I have then do a simple pros/cons comparison between them. That step allows me to see little benefits that I probably wouldn't pick up on immediately after jumping in.

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Thats a good idea to make pro/con lists when choosing which lib to use.

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