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Frontend developer, Twilio hackathon winner, ecommerce developer turned React developer... Ask Me Anything!

adrianbdesigns profile image Adrian Bece ・1 min read

I'm a frontend developer with 5 years of experience. I've started out working as an certified Magento 1 and Magento 2 ecommerce developer and made the switch to React one year ago.

I've also contributed code to Adobe Magento PWA project and I'm also a winner of Twilio hackathon.

You can also check my personal website to learn more about me.

I love collecting music CDs (rock and metal genre, bands from 70s and 80s), playing electric guitar, reading Sci-fi (Dune is my favorite), reading Calvin & Hobbes comics, etc.

And recently I've started making my own closed terrariums.


Feel free to ask me anything about frontend development, React, my projects, the hackathon, music, Dune, etc.

Sci-fi books recommendations are welcome, too!

Thank you!

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Adrian Bece


React, Frontend, Magento 2 certified developer. Magento PWA Studio contributor. Rock and metal music fan. Reads Dune, sci-fi novels and Calvin & Hobbes. Creates amazing interfaces @ prototyp.digital


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Do you watch anime ? Also read 40k ?


I used to watch it about 10 years ago when I was in highschool. I've enjoyed Fullmetal achemist and Bleach (while it was good).

I started reading manga recently, so I've picked up One Piece. I'm enjoying it very much.

As for 40k, I would like to check it out but I don't know where to start. Do you have any recommendations?


Ahh a man of culture. I started into 40k with the dawn of war games. I think the first three books are enough to get into Horus heresy,(Horus rising, false gods, galaxy in flames). Or you can skip the HH and go for eisenhorn trilogy which is solid read. If you like cosmic horror then Peter ferhavaris books are excellent.
Which one piece arc are you on ?
Sorry for the OT :)

No worries. It's AMA after all :D

Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely check out something from those recommendations.

I've just finished reading the first omnibus, so first 3 chapters. Got the long way to go, but it's fun. I need to order few more omnibuses first. Too bad the book depository orders take almost a month to arrive, but free shipping is free shipping :D

Neat. I think first 3 volumes means luffy meets zoro. Around 21 chapters I think.
Things go really awesome after 100.

Also congrats on your twilio hackathon thing . I will read about your work later this week so I can congratulate you properly.


What's the worst bug you ever came across?
(Or weirdest bug if that's a better story)


Hello, thanks for the question! :)

The worst bug was also the weirdest, incidentally.

So we had an array of objects that needed to be sorted by one of their attributes which is a numerical value. We had a bug report which stated that sorting (using JS array.sort) is not working on production (on Google Chrome) and, sure enough, it didn't work.

When we opened the page with the issue present on a local machine, everything worked as expected. There was no difference in the code and everything was up to date. It was a literal case of "it works on my dev machine".

Turns out, Node JS's sorting algorithm is not very consistent across environments. More info here: v8.dev/blog/array-sort

We have moved the sorting algorithm to lodash's sort method and everything worked correctly.


Hey do you make open source contributions? If yes can you help me to get started with them? I'm a MERN stack developer :)


Yeah, I've only contributed to PWA Studio. Taking a look at the issues is a great place to start. They might have useful tags like "Good first issue" or "Help needed". But pick any github project you are familiar with and see if the community is active and if PRs are welcome.