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Announcing: The Twilio Hackathon Winners!

About a month ago, we announced our first-ever Twilio Hackathon.

Participants were tasked to create an app using any of the Twilio APIs in the following project categories: COVID-19 Communications, Engaging Engagements, Interesting Integrations, and Exciting X-Factors. We were blown away by the quality of these applications, and picking just a handful of winners out of 200+ submissions has been quite the challenge for the judges.

After much deliberation between the DEV and Twilio teams, I'm excited to share that the final results are in!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the hackathon, and to Twilio for teaming up with us to make it happen. Whether or not you’ve made the short list, all participants who submitted a valid project will receive a $50 gift card to the DEV Shop and a Twilio Hackathon badge on their DEV profile.

The Twilio team will follow up with each winner about their prizes within the next week, and all DEV prizes will be emailed to you within the next two weeks.

Without further ado, grand prize winners:

COVID-19 Communications Grand Prize Winner:

Built by: Adrian Bece, Vlatko Vlahek, Josip Ravas, Igor Plac and Valentina Bermanec!

Engaging Engagements Grand Prize Winner:

Built by: Godwin Agedah

Interesting Integrations Grand Prize Winner:

Built by: Emma Goto

Exciting X-Factors Grand Prize Winner:

Built by: Amber Case & B.Greenstein

All Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent πŸ’Έ
  • Twilio Swag Pack ($300 value) 😎
  • SIGNAL Conference Ticket ($2500 USD value) πŸ”₯
  • Your project showcased on Twilio CodeExchange, with a winner badge ✨
  • $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
  • DEV β€œTwilio Hackathon” winner badge πŸ†

Our Top 10 Runner-Ups, in random order!

All runner-ups will receive:

  • $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
  • Your project showcased on Twilio CodeExchange
  • DEV β€œTwilio Hackathon” runner-up badge πŸ‘

Truly great work, everyone. Congratulations! ❀️

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peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank • Edited

Massive congratulations to all!

Grand Prize Winners: @adrianbdesigns, @godwinagedah, @emma, @caseorganic

Runner-Up Winners: @vladodev, @solancer, @chloemcateer3, @abhinavchawla13, @minicodemonkey, @asaoluelijah, @suvink, @hayleydenb, @mattdini, @ryanrousseau

We hope that all participants had a great time, learned something new, and built something to be proud of. We are so blown away by the creativity and talent of everyone here in the community.

Excited to start sending out these DEV Shop Gift Cards!! and badges

emma profile image
Emma Goto πŸ™

Wow this is so unexpected! Thankyou! 😊

ryanrousseau profile image
Ryan Rousseau

Thanks Peter and congrats to everyone - wonderful projects all around!

bernardbaker profile image
Bernard Baker

The winning projects are clearly well picked in my opinion. Just finished reading through the entries of the finalists.

adrianbdesigns profile image
Adrian Bece

Thank you very much and congrats to the winners :) This was really fun

suvink profile image
Suvin Nimnaka

This is totally unexpected! Thank you @devteam and @twilio ! And congratulations everyone!

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
dkundel profile image
Dominik Kundel

It's not bolded but it does say in the post: "and all DEV prizes will be emailed to you within the next two weeks." :)

ssimontis profile image
Scott Simontis

I'm really upset that work kept me too busy to participate, I didn't realize Twilio could do more than send text messages and I saw a ton of possibilities. I think I will definitely add it to my toolkit for embedded soon as I find that mythical work-life balance again.

dkundel profile image
Dominik Kundel • Edited

We'll hopefully host more hackathons in the future! For embedded projects you should also check out our Twilio IoT products :) Let me know if you have any questions about it and I'm happy to connect you with our IoT Evangelist

estatheo profile image
Theodor Chichirita

Well done to all the winners πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, amazing projects and thanks to twilio for the fun hackaton. Mehdi and I had a blast and working on our small solution and will continue to use Twilio in our venture! All the best πŸŽ‰

dkundel profile image
Dominik Kundel

Congratulations everyone! We had an incredible amount of amazing submissions πŸ‘ well done everyone!

adityamitra profile image
Aditya Mitra

@dkundel I received the participation badge but not the $50 DEV shop credit.
Can you please help me?

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Hi Aditya, we’ll send you an email to get that sent your way.

Thread Thread
adityamitra profile image
Aditya Mitra


Thread Thread
adityamitra profile image
Aditya Mitra

@peter I have still not received that $50 credit. Is there a problem?

bernardbaker profile image
Bernard Baker

I'm so happy for the winners of the hackathon 🀸. Such an effort has been put in by everyone.

caseorganic profile image
Amber Case

What!? How exciting! This was such a fun and difficult challenge, and it was so nice to see the work everyone did! I'm really loving all the new stuff I learned during this. Thanks for giving me something to do from home! Remote hackathons FTW!

This is a huge honor for my collaborator and I. Thanks again for putting in all of the work to host, judge, and facilitate something special.

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe

Wow! These projects are just incredible. Really loved them. Congratulations to everyone who participated πŸŽ‰

aritdeveloper profile image
Arit Developer

Congratulations to everyone who participated! That you could focus and dedicate yourselves to these projects in spite of the pandemic, is admirable indeed! I applaud your achievements! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Congrats everyone πŸŽ‰

mazentouati profile image
Mazen Touati • Edited

Congratulations to all πŸŽ‰ Great ideas and implementation out there. It was a fun experience to participate in this Hackathon πŸ¦„

peterhychan profile image
Peter Chan

Congrats everyone.

philnash profile image
Phil Nash

Congratulations to everyone who took part! I hope you all enjoyed the hackathon, learned something, built something, maybe discovered some other developers to follow and get the most out of the DEV swag shop!


mohammedasker profile image
Mohammed Asker

Congratulations on all winners and everyone submitted the projects! Some of these projects are amazing! So much creativity and fun things you can do with Twilio API!

Unfortunately for me, I had to withdraw the competition for personal reasons and I hope I can get to participate again in the future.

Again, congrats!

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Congratulations to everyone. πŸ˜„

jamesshah profile image
James Shah

Congratulations to everyone! It's been great fun to participate in this hackathon and it feels very good to see dev community get together to build such useful projects. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ