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OMG, a lot of cool apps you use, gonna test some of them, but I got one question. How long to setup a environment like this in a new computer? there are too many tools, can you remember the commands to use all that?


Great question! Right now I have just a list of all the software I have installed so I would need to install everything by hand on a new machine which would take many time. I am working in a way to automate all this using Ansible. Something like this: blog.josephkahn.io/articles/ansible/

About the commands,tldr and pet can help a lot with that.
Shell autocompletion is also very useful. Many of the commands have ways to enable autocomplete for bash or zsh shells. Make sure you enable it.

I dont use all these tools on a daily basic tough, so many times I still need to read the documentation. I need to improve at this ;)

You could have a Github Gist or something with your personal cheat sheet where you can quickly reference.

One piece of advice, build your own cheat sheet and not rely on some random cheat sheet you found online. That way you can identify which commands you use more and build a cheat sheet according to your needs.

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